Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Leaning Democrats Support Prabowo-Hatta

Members of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party , Ahmad Mubarok , said his party would support the presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate who had the idea closest to the Democrats .

Currently , Democrats still remain neutral , at least until the Chairman of the Democrat Party Yudhoyono hear direct exposure of the two presidential candidates , Joko Widodo and Prabowo .

" Who's got the vision , mission , platform , and program closest to the Democrats , it's to be encouraged , " said Mubarok when contacted on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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Mubarok said , the President will meet with Jokowi and Prabowo on June 1, 2014 . During the meeting , Joko Widodo and Prabowo in turn will present the vision and mission to SBY . The meeting location is unclear .

Mubarok said , the idea will be known by SBY Jokowi through programs presented . During this time , he said , Democrats rate, vision and mission Jokowi still clearly visible .

Unlike the case with Prabowo , said Mubarok , programs and ideas have been expressed . Furthermore , SBY has proximity to companion Prabowo , Hatta Rajasa , since entering the United Indonesia Cabinet . Based on that, Democrats are more inclined to join the coalition shaft built Gerindra .

" Until now the Democrats are still close to Prabowo . At rapimnas , 20 percent more support Prabowo , if Jokowi nothing at all , " he said .

If Democrats will join the supporting shaft Prabowo - Hatta , the composition of the coalition similar to the composition of the coalition Indonesia Cabinet II . The difference is, the shaft without CLA supports Jokowi - JK . In addition , the shaft - Hatta Prabowo there are also two other parties , namely Gerindra and the United Nations . Party Prabowo - Hatta is heavily Democratic invite to join .

Formally, the Democrats are not involved in the 2014 presidential election because of the failure to form a new shaft to carry the convention attendees . Democrats did not join in any of the shaft when the participant registration election to the Commission .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Encouraging Cabinet Professionals

When the weight of the crisis-hit Europe in 2008 , emerged as Prime Minister Lucas Papademos of Greece and Mario Monti as Italian prime minister in more or less the same period . Both coincidentally the same background as the doctorate in economics . Is it true that the crisis requires a technocrat than politician as the supreme leader ? And , what can be done a technocrat , but not by politicians , and vice versa ? Concluded , proficient technocrats designing policies , while politicians are competent to run it . What relevance to us ?

The tension between the political and the technocratic dimension also within the government surfaced the next five years . After the two presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates submit documents vision , mission , and programs of action to the National Election Commission , the question is how to run it . Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla - with three themes , namely sovereignty in politics , self-sufficient economy , culture and personality . Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa launched a program of action in order to save Indonesia , including building a strong economy ; realize the people's economy ; and re-establish food sovereignty , energy , and natural resources .
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In terms of the formulation , there was no noticeable difference . Both partners give attention to national interests in order to advance the prosperity of the people . The approach is also not much different , such as rural -based development , focusing on job creation , and accelerate the development of infrastructure . Problem infrastructure , Prabowo - Hatta targeting the construction of 3,000 kilometers of national highways and 4,000 kilometers railway line as a new priority . In addition, the base also follow the pattern of the six development corridors in the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development ( MP3EI ) initiated Hatta .

Jokowi - Kalla , in order to increase people's productivity and competitiveness of international markets , targeting additional 2,000 kilometers of new roads , 10 ports , 10 airports , and build 10 industrial estates . A total of 5,000 traditional markets in Indonesia will be built , as well as modernize the old market . To encourage investment , the efficiency of the business permit a maximum of 15 days . Moreover , in particular also will establish a development bank and infrastructure . Aspects are also considered access to finance through financial inclusion targets 50 percent of the population . The tax ratio target of 16 percent of gross domestic product .

Now both couples focus to win votes. After that , the problem is how to realize the dream. That's where the technocratic aspects needed . Legitimacy must be built by combining technocratic and political dimensions . Moreover , whoever wins the presidential election will have to deal with the economic dynamism that is so challenging .

First , the tension between growth and the current account deficit ( NTB ) will continue to happen . In order to reduce the deficit to about 2.5 percent NTB , economic growth should be sacrificed only 5.1 percent to 5.5 percent . Second , the tension between growth and employment. In the last decade , every 1 percent of economic growth is able to absorb labor 350000-400000 , 250000-300000 now only labor . Thus , to create 2 million jobs , for example , needs to be an increase growth and quality. In fact , the pace and quality of economic growth are often not aligned .

Third , fiscal pitfalls associated low tax ratio and the amount of subsidy . Increasing tax revenue can not be done if the low rate of economic growth . While the fiscal ability to carry out economic stimulus will be limited if the subsidy is so high . Not to mention the factors of exchange rate fluctuations that often erode the revenue side and increasing expenditure . Due to the depreciation of the exchange rate , the subsidy burden will rise in 2014 to Rp 100 trillion . As for the slowdown in growth , tax revenues will fall .

At the regional and global , in 2015 we are in a critical position . First , the possibility of a rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve ( Fed Funds Rate ) could potentially cause a sudden reversal of our financial markets . It is very dangerous considering that we rely on foreign financing to cover deficits , both fiscal and balance of payments . The more we rely on foreign capital , the greater the potential for turmoil .

Second, the entry into force of the ASEAN single market end of 2015 is very likely to erode the balance of our payment transactions . If the balance of our goods safely , the problem could threaten the balance sheet and income services . The liberalization of the movement of goods , services , investment and skilled labor can undermine our competitiveness . More and more foreign experts to work in the domestic market , the greater the potential for losses on our income account . Since late 2011, the amount of our revenue deficit of U.S. $ 6 billion - 7 billion dollars every quarter . In fact , in the 2004-2007 period , the amount of revenue deficit was only 2 billion - 3 billion U.S. dollars . From the first, the amount of our services consistent deficit in the range of 2 billion - 3 billion U.S. dollars .

Of complexity , the most anticipated thing these days is the composition of the cabinet . The market was disappointed with the election configuration that does not present a dominant political force . They worry that the government's ability to run the policy later interrupted by a low political support . This sentiment can be worse if the composition of the cabinet that 'll leave no show dimensions technocracy . Already politically weak , incompetent anyway .

We yearn for a government that is competent , professional , and uphold transparency and in favor of the interests of the people . All of these demands require high technocratic capabilities and expertise of the politicians advocating . Let us encourage professional cabinet .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Yammer, U.S. Fighter Jet Video Giant Alien Claims Destroy

A video uploaded on YouTube , crowded public discussed . The video menunjukkaan fighter jets the United States ( U.S. ) that is claimed to destroy a giant alien object in a desert in New Mexico .

In the video it looked , the U.S. military fighter jets streaked into the sky region of Durango , New Mexico , USA . In the video, there are also two U.S.

soldiers who witnessed the scene . U.S. fighter jet that flew high and then drop bombs on the mysterious object .
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A moment later , plumes of smoke soared and who claimed the giant alien object had disappeared . Uploaded a new video on YouTube that has been watched 3,000 times .

The video uploader also provide a written statement . " In May 2014 , a gigantic creature ' alien ' is found in the desert of New Mexico ( Durango area ) , " reads the video description , as quoted by the Mirror on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

" The U.S. Army sent ( aircraft ) Air Force to eliminate the threat. This is the only information we get from our contacts , "said the statement in the video .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inauguration by the Minister of Cooperative Market Kendari Coloured clash

The inauguration of the central market town of Kendari , Southeast Sulawesi by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Sharif Hasan , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) colored clash .

The incident began when hundreds of students and the central market traders Kendari , calling itself the Youth and Student Movement for the People ( Attack ) involved pushing the Municipal Police Kendari .

The clashes occurred as demonstrators tried to break through a security barricade by driving a car that is used for speeches . Not only that , protesters and throwing apparatus to cause hurt both groups .
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Luckily, the police can beat back Kendari traders using water cannons . As a result of the clashes, a number of merchants and officials were injured , even a trader fainted . Some of the protesters were involved in securing police secured the inauguration of the Central Market locations Kendari .

" We push each other , but when I fell , the police arrested me , but I refused , until finally I got hurt , " said one trader .

Meanwhile , Tito one of the students who participated in the action in the injured part of the ear .

The protesting traders refused inauguration Central Market Kendari , Kendari considered as the Government was reluctant to accommodate the traders to get lods in the market .

The traders demanded that the mayor of Kendari Ir Asrun delay the inauguration of the Central Market before giving lods free to merchants who are victims of fires last year's market .

Markets head of Kendari , Abdul Rahim said traders who conduct demonstrations have been given waivers , but they ask for free .

" We have given relief . We only charge Rp 5 million to Rp 37 million of the price , but the merchant asked for free , though certainly not the traders in the market are the victims here , "said Rahim .

Inauguration Central Market Kendari performed Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs Menkop ) Sharif Hasan , accompanied Southeast Sulawesi Governor Nur Alam and Kendari Mayor Asrun Ir .

Three-story market stands on 1.2 acres of land and can accommodate about 2,000 traders . Development of the market reached USD 120 billion over budgeted for 3 years from the budget of Kendari .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WTI Oil Price Down

U.S. oil price edged down on Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) local time (Wednesday morning GMT ) , as the market expected a strong crude oil production in the United States will push the stock higher .
Light sweet crude or West Texas Intermediate ( WTI ) for delivery in June moved down 17 cents to close at 102.44 dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange .

While Brent North Sea crude for July delivery rose 32 cents to settle at 109.69 dollars a barrel in London trade .

Energy Information Agency ( EIA ) is scheduled to release a report on U.S. crude oil production and inventories last week on Wednesday . The market is waiting for the data Wednesday.
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The development of technology has opened up the supplies from shale formations ( shale ) in the United States . The analysts expect that U.S. crude oil production rose to near a record last week , and crude oil inventories probably rose 250,000 barrels to 398.8 million barrels .

Brent oil rose for the first time in the last three days due to the unrest in Libya . A dramatic spike in confrontations in the two largest cities of Libya has brought the country to the brink of civil war between rival militias .

Analysts said that Libya is right on the doorstep of Europe and has a greater impact on the price of Brent .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Pertamina Mahakam Block Bill to the Ministry of EMR

PT Pertamina annoyed with the attitude uncertainty Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) related contracts will run out on the block 2017 . In fact , Pertamina has sent a letter related to readiness to manage 100 percent of the Mahakam block left after Total EP Indonesie .

Oil and Gas Pertamina upstream director Muhammad Husayn said it has sent a letter to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the third time that the Mahakam block given to Pertamina . " We reiterated readiness to manage the Mahakam block 100 percent , and for the third time . Two or three months ago , we gave the third letter , " said Hussein , last weekend .
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According to Hussein , when the third letter that has not responded , the Pertamina will re- submit the fourth letter . He claimed , it was well prepared to manage the Mahakam block viewing experience Pertamina to take over West Madura Offshore Block ( WMO ) and the Offshore nothwest Java ( ONWJ ) from the hands of foreign contractors .

" Can not help it , our only capital letters , has also met directly back and forth . If you want proof , we were in Block Block ONWJ WMO and the term we 've been wet - proof basahan and can increase production , " he claims .

Husen said Pertamina reason not persistent MEMR give Mahakam block to Pertamina because the blocks that are rich in natural gas that has previously been extended by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources . So , no need to extend the second time the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to Total E & P Indonesia .

" Mahakam block that has been held for 50 years by Total E & P , so we wants 100 percent later . Now , all countries rely on the energy needs of SOEs , the potential of the Mahakam block was good . If baseball great , why contested , " he said .

Upstream Business Development Director , Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Hendra Fadly said , there have been a team that handles readiness who will be the manager of the Mahakam block later . " Everything is being processed , for readiness Pertamina 100 percent , we will ask back to them , " he said to KONTAN , Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) .

According to Hendra , it is still evaluating the readiness of Pertamina of technical and financial questions . " What is clear , yet to be announced prospective managers Mahakam block , " he said .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Customer: Fear FSA Bakrie Life?

Bakrie Life Customers continue to demand payment on the investment that is at risk . Wahyudi ( 71 ) , a demonstrator who commit crimes in front of the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) , the investment said they have not been paid properly.

" Our new investment is paid 15 percent , while the rest of it has not yet been reduced by 30 percent as a result they have requested waivers related defaults , " Wahyudi said in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Wahyudi said Bakrie Life should indeed revoked the business license because it is detrimental to customers . Moreover Bakrie Life cheating investments to its clients . " Instead of no better assurance license has been revoked , but they only give false hope to us , maybe they ( FSA ) with Bakrie fear , " he said .
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During this time there was no response from the Bakrie above demands repayment of their investment . For two years there was no good faith of Bakrie Life . " Since the default of 2012, there was no follow-up from them , " he said .

As known , arrears Bakrie Life to the remaining customers to $ 280 billion . But until now Bakrie Life still not resolve the issue . How to complete its obligations with installment scheme still has not been done well .

Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) has previously been several times to call the owner of Bakrie Life and decided to freeze the license Bakrie Life . However, the FSA has not revoked the business license Bakrie Life as eager to help customers get the right of Bakrie Life .

Customers who bought this product tells Diamond Investa , directors Bakrie Life has made unilateral changes . Initially , Diamond Investa fund management products will be reinvested in the form of combination , ie, 90 percent bonds , 5 per cent deposit , and 5 percent in stocks .

Over time , changing the composition of the board of directors Bakrie Life Diamond Investa fund management products . The composition is transformed into a manageable 70 percent in stocks ( 35 percent in stocks and 35 percent of Bakrie common stock ) , and 30 percent placement investment is not clear .

Bakrie Life 's precedent gives a negative sentiment towards the safety of consumers in the financial markets industry . If this continues to cause concern over the benefits of investing in financial products . ( wise wicaksono ) JAKARTA - Bakrie Life Customers continue to demand payment on the investment that is at risk . Wahyudi ( 71 ) , a demonstrator who commit crimes in front of the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) , the investment said they have not been paid properly.

" Our new investment is paid 15 percent , while the rest of it has not yet been reduced by 30 percent as a result they have requested waivers related defaults , " Wahyudi said in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Wahyudi said Bakrie Life should indeed revoked the business license because it is detrimental to customers . Moreover Bakrie Life cheating investments to its clients . " Instead of no better assurance license has been revoked , but they only give false hope to us , maybe they ( FSA ) bakrie afraid , " he said .

During this time there was no response from the Party Bakrie above demands repayment of their investment . For two years there was no good faith of Bakrie Life . " Since the default of 2012, there was no follow-up from them , " he said .

As known , arrears Bakrie Life to the remaining customers to Rp280 billion . But until now Bakrie Life still not resolve the issue . How to complete its obligations with installment scheme still has not been done well .

Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) has previously been several times to call the owner of Bakrie Life and decided to freeze the license Bakrie Life . However, the FSA has not revoked the business license Bakrie Life as eager to help customers get the right of Bakrie Life .

Customers who bought this product tells Diamond Investa , directors Bakrie Life has made unilateral changes . Initially , Diamond Investa fund management products will be reinvested in the form of combination , ie, 90 percent bonds , 5 per cent deposit , and 5 percent in stocks .

Over time , changing the composition of the board of directors Bakrie Life Diamond Investa fund management products . The composition is transformed into a manageable 70 percent in stocks ( 35 percent in stocks and 35 percent of Bakrie common stock ) , and 30 percent placement investment is not clear .

Precedent Bakrie Life itself gives a negative sentiment towards the safety of consumers in the financial markets industry . If this continues to cause concern over the benefits of investing in financial products .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ukraine Will Not Stop Capture Pro Russian Militia

Dozens of people have been killed in armed conflicts and other shot dead as tensions between supporters and anti- Russian broke in Odessa , Ukraine , on Friday ( 2/5 ) . The clash increasingly heightened tension in the eastern regions of Ukraine were smoldering .

Quoted by Reuters on Saturday ( 3/5 ) , pro- Russian separatists opened fire to two military helicopters crashed Ukraine , which seeks to repel a strong occupation by the rebels in the city of Slaviansk .
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As a result , the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said two helicopter crew killed in the incident . The death toll also override the other fell two civilians and two security guards . Not to be outdone , the separatist group even called three of its members were also killed in the incident Friday afternoon .

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov explained , seizure operation attempt back east region of Ukraine was still going on until Saturday . One of the steps taken by the Ukrainian forces , taking over the television tower in Kramatorsk City , south Slaviansk .

'' We're not going to stop ( doing operations annexation of Ukraine ) , '' said Avakov written in his Facebook account .

Police said three people were shot dead and dozens more injured in clashes that should occur in the port city .
Police also said one other person was killed and finally followed by the death of the other 37 people who grow , when clashes between the supporters of the Ukrainian and Russian activists were rolling into the night .

The local police chief , said Petro Lutsiuk on Saturday , as a result of the incident , at least more than 130 people have been arrested . Lutsiuk mention , these prisoners would be faced with penalty points for involvement in clashes and their actions are capable of killing a human life .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Aceng Fikri Reported Fraud Cases

 Head of Criminal Police Garut , West Java , AKP Garnadi Dada , said HM Fikri , a former regent of Garut , was reported by a businessman on charges of fraud and embezzlement of goods and services efforts .

" Reporting admitted as one of the victims who feel aggrieved . Motive still we go into, " said Dada told reporters on Thursday .
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He said the case was reported by a businessman named Roni HM Fikri reported . Rapporteur , said Dada, said ACENG commit fraud and embezzlement in 2011 until 2012 when he was regent of Garut to a loss of USD 2.2 billion .

" Based on the sum of the reporting , the results of the loss to Rp 2.2 billion , " said Dada .

He said it had to call the ACENG to request information related to the report on Friday ( 25 April 2014 ) .

However ACENG , Dada continued , does not meet the call because he was sick . The plan calls will be returned by that time could not be determined .

" If the third time ACENG not come , then it will be picked up to his house , " said Dada .

Although it has not received information from HM Fikri , police have memintai eight witnesses including government officials active in Garut .

" The results have not led to the use of funds for the campaign . Money was used for activities in goods and services , " he said .

Meanwhile , HM Fikri was dismissed from his post as regent of Garut in 2013 because siri briefly married .

Furthermore ACENG run for the Regional Representative Council ( DPD ) in the 2014 election and won the top three voices so as to qualify to be members of the DPD messenger West Java .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MERS Plague , Umrah Pilgrims Mandatory Wear Masks !

The government appealed to the pilgrims from Indonesia maintain healthy when traveling to major cities for pilgrimage following the outbreak of the virus "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona ( MERS ) in several Arab countries .

" Keep health and stamina during a pilgrimage , " said Deputy Coordinating Minister for the Coordination of Health , Population and Planning keluara Emil Agustiono in the office of Ministry , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .
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The reason , said Emil , endurance declining susceptible virus . " If need be obliged to wear a mask and do not be so tired that body condition is not decreasing , " he said .

He also explained that people who travel to the Middle East to be aware of some of the increases in body temperature . " Immediate health check , " he said .

Emil explained, it had received a report about a citizen who allegedly contracted the virus MERS - CoV . If the true citizen - CoV positive for MERS , said Emil , the Indonesian government will follow up on it .

"With this case of course the Indonesian government will raise awareness and make efforts so that similar cases do not recur , " he said .

Emil also said the government will socialize the MERS - CoV to all people especially who will be traveling to the Middle East . "We provide socialization , education and enlightenment for those who are going to the Middle East , or those who will perform pilgrimage , " he said .

For those who fall ill while returning from the Middle East , said Emil , will do a thorough examination .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wow, Sido Dividend Appears to Reach U.S. $ 405 Billion

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Industries PT Sido Appears Tbk ( SIDO ) will distribute dividends to shareholders amounting to Rp 405 billion . This amount represents 99.5 percent of the company's net profit during 2013. " Dividends distributed Rp 27 per share , " said Director of SIDO Irwan Hidayat , after a general meeting of shareholders ( AGM ) in Jakarta , last weekend .

Sizeable dividend distribution of the average is not considered to have an impact on the company's expansion . Because , Sido Appears to have strong cash , which reached Rp 1.4 trillion .
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Thus, although nearly all profits distributed to shareholders , the company's expansion will not be disturbed .

Company Secretary Tiur Simamora say , not possible dividend next year will be done by this year . Because, he explained, the company will expand , so the chances of the next year the company does not distribute dividends the same as this year .

Throughout 2013, the net profit of Rp 405.9 Sido Appears billion or an increase of 4.74 percent compared to 2012 ( yoy ) . Sales during 2013 reached Rp 2.37 trillion .

In the first quarter 2014 , Sido Appears booked sales of Rp 520.02 billion . The company's sales fell 7.73 percent compared to the same period last year of Rp 563.64 billion . This revenue reflects 20 percent of the company's target throughout 2014 , namely Rp 2.8 trillion . n friska yolandha ed : zaky al glottal


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Education Minister Challenged story Work Problem UN
Education Minister Mohammad Nuh revealed himself challenged high school students to work on the problems of the National Examination ( UN ) Mathematics . SMA Khadijah Surabaya Nurmillaty Abadiah the judge about mathematics too difficult , so he asked Mendikdbud to deal with the matter .

Through Facebook , Nurmillaty also said that forcing some difficulty about his being dishonest to cheat the leaked UN response through SMS suspected the truth up to 90 percent .
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M Noah then said , " Exams are like people who jump pole , of course not everyone can , if possible means perfect or the value is 100 , but can not be sure if it is also realistic . "

" That's the challenge in the test , because the difficulty will make the effort. If no challenges , life becomes better , " said Education Minister .

He explained to the UN that it is actually quite difficult to just 20 percent . " That is, if the child has a moderate ability , then he still might get the value 80 , because it's the most important thing is honesty in the UN itself, " he said .

According to M Noah , difficult or not an item that should not be a complaint , because it was legal matter and if there is indeed made ​​according to the lattice . " The important thing to understand is that the value 100 or the success it is not a necessity . Indeed , honesty will be tested in the condition it was trapped ( pinched ) , " he said .

Education Minister said , honesty is not trapped in it's natural state , but honesty it would be nice if in a destitute condition still capable of being honest . " If he is not honest in destitute condition , then he has not been tested , let alone him from SMA Khadijah ( religious school ) , " he said .

SMS leak associated with the UN response rate of up to 90 percent of the truth , former Rector of ITS that could perform a surprise inspection ( inspection ) to print to the UN PT Jasindo , Juanda , Surabaya was declared , he not only find answers to the UN , but also find a script UN about the alleged leak . But it turns out the script and answer questions about it fake .

" As it turned out , everything is not proven , including some who say there are locations such as the mass leakage in Jember , Surabaya , Medan , I 've lowered the team , even people who have been refused the UN would ask the location of the suspected leak was held re- examination . "
" I wonder , those who reject the UN why it asked the UN replay , if followed it would be political , " said M Noah .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

KPK searched , Management PT Quadra Silent

PT Quadra Solution Management , choose close access related media searches conducted by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) in his office , Jalan HR Rasuna Said , Kuningan , South Jakarta .

" We can notice from baseball management let go in addition to the Commission , " said an employee of PT Quadra in location searches , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) night .

This bespectacled man called on all parties concerned not to leave the office area of PT Quadra . Situation office located on the 7th floor that looks are still some employees who are still waiting for the shakedown completed KPK investigators .
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" Please wait outside , " he said .

PT Quadra currently approximately 20:00 pm , KPK investigators being searched , alleged corruption cases related to procurement project package Electronic Identity Card ( e-ID ) that has ensnared Committing Officer ( CO ) of e - ID card project in the Ministry of Home Affairs , Sugiharto .

Known KPK investigators searched the office to collect evidence of the project worth Rp 6 trillion .

In this case , the Commission is moving quickly after a set Sugiharto as a suspect , immediately perform a search in several places . Among them , in the Ministry of Home Affairs office in Kalibata , South Jakarta , and PT Quadra Solution .

Sugiharto named as a suspect in the projects of the 2011-2012 budget ceiling Rp 6 trillion . Where , he acted as KDP . In the Ministry of Internal Affairs , he served as Director of the Population Administration Information Management Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs dept .

For his actions , Sugiharto alleged breach of Article 2 paragraph 1 of Article 3 subsidiary Law No. 31 Year 1999 on Eradication of Corruption , as amended by Act No. 20 of 2001 in conjunction with Article 55 to Article 64 jo - 1 - 1 to the Criminal Code .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Special Area Women in TransJakarta Also Used Men

TransJakarta has a special area of women , as well as on trains , wagons priority is women . Unfortunately , there are still men who sit in the women's area .

Based on the observation on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) night in the corridor I , about five men seen sitting in the women's area . They sat together with four other women .

There were about 25 passengers in the TransJakarta trailer , the majority of women . Officers stationed in the bus is not indifferent to it .

In response, the Head of Public Relations of PT TransJakarta Sri Ulina Pinem said , officers should give warning . Passengers can do .

" Sanctions are usually socially sanctioned direct warning to those concerned , both of the officers and of the passengers , " she said via text message on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

Busway passenger named Riska admitted upset with the man in the women's area . " Kesel - lah , it 's that there are rules , but still wrote infringed . Sometimes we girls home that night like fear wrote . At Here area ( area for women ) actually a lot of guys , " he told .
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In addition , one of the five men who sit in the area of ​​women say legitimate because of the condition of women's area was empty and deserted bus . " Loh , wrote more reasonable if so deserted . Anyway I also do not anything, just sit aja . Equally well pay it , " said a passenger who did not want to be named , with a high tone .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Toughness Captain America : The Winter Soldier in the U.S. Box Office

LOS ANGELES - Action Chris Evan , Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson in Captain America : The Winter Soldier seems still too strong compared to the movie starring Anne Hathaway in Rio 2 . Proven Captain America : The Winter Soldier is still firmly on top of U.S. box office top end this week .

Film directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo was successfully survive in the position of number one U.S. box office for three consecutive weeks . They managed to earn U.S. $ 26.6 million , or approximately Rp303 billion over this weekend for a total of USD 200 million in the U.S. and around the world USD586 million or approximately Rp 6.7 trillion

While Rio 2 is in the second position with USD22 , 5 million or approximately Rp257 billion people in second place . The film, starring Greg Kinnear was successfully captured the top three didebutnya to reach USD21.5 million , or approximately Rp245 billion .
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Meanwhile , far below forecasts Transcendence by just scooped USD11.15 million . The film, starring Johnny Depp budget that takes $ 100 million or approximately Rp1 , 1 billion with perikraan will mendpat perpekan revenue of USD21 million , or approximately more than 200 billion .

A Haunted House 2 fill the last spot in the top five with USD9.1 million , or approximately Rp104 billion , while Draft Day fell 39.7 % earned USD5.9 million or approximately Rp67 billion

Full Movie Controversy NOAH complement bottom three top ten U.S. box office with Oculus and God 's Not Dead . Here are the top ten box office this weekend in 2014 as reported by DigitalSpy :

1 . Captain America : The Winter Soldier - USD26.6 million
2 . Rio 2 - USD22 , 5 million
3 . Heaven is for Real - USD21 , 5 million
4 . Transcendence - USD11 , 1 million
5 . A Haunted House 2 - USD9 , 1 million
6 . Draft Day - $ 5 , 9 million
7 . Divergent - USD5 , 7 million
8 . Oculus - USD5 , 2 million
9 . NOAH - $ 5 million
10 . The God's Not Dead - $ 4, 8 million


Friday, April 18, 2014

Burundi expel UN envoy protest action

United Nations expressed " regret " over Burundi 's decision Thursday to expel senior UN official out of the country damning report accusing the weapons are distributed ahead of the election .

Internal report leaked UN has raised fears of a return to civil war and the government ( Burundi ) has warned about the risks , said Stephane Dujarric , spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki -moon .

" Many times over the last two weeks we have raised the issue of information arming youth groups to the Burundi government , " said Dujarric told AFP .

" Given the seriousness of the allegations that we share information with the Security Council , and we ask the government to investigate the allegations , " said Dujarric .

He said the international body would formally protest against the expulsion of diplomats , Debbie Paul , head of security at the UN office in Burundi .

" We want to see the government to investigate them ( the charges ) and we deplore the government's decision to declare persona non gratakan Debbie , " the spokesman said .

Burundian Foreign Minister Laurent Kavakure said Debbie has been ordered to leave the country on Friday.
   ( Read: burung cucak ijo mini )

It was in connection with the leaking of the report , which was quoted by local media , containing " allegations of weapons distribution to the members of the youth league of the ruling party , " said Kavakure told AFP , which says it has damage " the image of Burundi " and a " false rumors . "


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Live Case Session Videotron Prime Corruption Court

JAKARTA - Corruption Court will hold a hearing today inaugural Videotron procurement case at the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises , the suspects Director of Image Media , Hendra Saputra .

The trial was scheduled readings Jakarta High Court indictment against Hendra Saputra , who turns out to work as an office boy PT Image Media .

"According to the invitation , started nine o'clock tomorrow morning " , said Hendra lawyer when contacted by reporters , ( 16/04/2014 ) .
see alsovitamin burung murai batu )

In this case , the Attorney establishes three . They are Hendra Saputra , an office boy PT image media , Hasnawi Bachtiar as the official maker of the commitment that has been detained in detention Cipinang Capital City Attorney , but died on Tuesday, March 18 , and Kasiyadi , members of the auction committee is still mysterious existence .

Videotron case the project value of Rp 23.4 billion allegedly played PT IM , a company that supposedly owned Riefan Afrian , son of the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Syarief Hassan .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

17-4-1975 : Authority Khmer Rouge Regime of Terror

39 years ago , the people of Cambodia in Phnom Penh Capital joyfully celebrate the end of a five- year civil war came at a time of celebrating Khmer Rouge rebels , who bergerilya of the woods. However , they did not realize that time will it start terror regime that destroyed about two million people from 1975 to 1979.

According to The History Channel , its powerful communist Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia was the darkest time of the country's history . Led by Pol Pot , Nuon Chea , Ieng Sary , Son Sen , Khieu Samphan and the Khmer Communist Party authorities apply their current political executions , starvation, and forced labor camps for political opponents as well as among intellectuals .
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The first order of the Khmer Rouge to the people in Phnom Penh when it is right to leave the city. They deceive people, it stands to reason that Phnom Penh aircraft bombed the United States to be evacuated.

In a matter of hours , Phnom Penh silence . Khmer Rouge regime deliberately moving residents into the countryside to be a peasant thus eliminates certain races they consider to be the enemy of the people.

For four years in power, the Khmer Rouge regime torture and slaughter citizens berprofesi as teachers, professional people , or that belong to the bourgeois or capitalist class .

Places they executed the massacre known as the farm ( killing field) . Some people sent to forced labor camps , depending on the weight of the offense or the background based on the subjective assessment of the apparatus. There , they were left to starve .

Khmer regime even instill revolutionary extreme values ​​to children through a special camp to no longer recognize their biological parents . Children already deployed to spy on and intimidate adults .

Khmer Rouge regime also dissolve their governments will even admit King Norodom Sihanouk as head of state until 2 April 1976 , when he was back from his department. Sihanouk's own status as house arrest in Phnom Penh before finally yielding to flee to the U.S. and eventually moved to sino .

Khmer Rouge regime finally ended in 1979 when Vietnam invaded Cambodia and authorities there for ten years before finally created a peace deal . The Khmer Rouge leaders , including Pol Pot fled to the woods and stay there until his death . However, most of them now successfully arrested and tried for the case of the evil heart of humanity .


7 Hours Sailing, KPU Monitor in recapitulation RI-Australia's Border

General Elections Commission ( KPU), the Aru Islands , Maluku directly monitor the process of recapitulation in a number of villages directly adjacent to Australia .

" To monitor the process of recapitulation in the villages immediately adjacent to the Country of Australia we have to travel the seas around 7 hours by speedboat , " said Commissioner Commission Aru , Joseph Yosudarso Labok when contacted from Ambon , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

He said , monitoring is done in a number of villages , such as in the village of Warabal , Meror Village , East District of South Aru , and the village of Loose , District of South Aru .

Recapitulation in the two districts is running safely and smoothly .
" Although the state is directly adjacent to the outside , but the process of recapitulation in three PPS in the two districts that suit our observation went very smoothly , " said Joseph .

Joseph explains , he has conducted monitoring since two days ago , and the results are all PPS in Aru district has completed roll recapitulation . Planned today recapitulation at the district level has started to operate .
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"Today recapitulation in the CO levels have been held in a number of districts in the Aru Islands , " he said .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

PKS: We Do not Want Followup Coalition "in a hurry"

Shura Council member of the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) Hidayat Nur Wahid said his party would not rush into a coalition with other parties in the face of the upcoming presidential election . He realized , another political party elite middle vying for the coalition partners .

As did the Presidential Candidate PDI alias Joko Widodo Jokowi which went directly to the leaders of the three parties at once , namely Nasdem Party , the Golkar Party and the National Awakening Party . However , according to Hidayat , the MCC has its own way of doing coalition and would not follow that way .

" Because it is our priority at this time is not in the coalition . We do not want to follow the coalition Grasak grusuk like that , " said Hidayat when contacted on Monday ( 14/04/2013 ) .

According to Hidayat , the MCC is still focused in guarding the counting in the field . He considered , the vote count should be guarded properly so it does not cause cheating .

" On the field it is still not finished . Still a problem due to the re poncoblosan . Still no sound abroad , " said Hidayat .

Selection of candidates will be the People's MCC believes , if the manual counting process is done properly , then the sound of his party could surpass a quick count approximately 7 percent . He said his party was not too confident with the quick count conducted by various agencies .

" Because in a matter of TPS reports in Jakarta alone we have entered a minimum of three. We believe to be criticized supervised the counting of votes . Counts estate count as a reference , " he said .

Former President of MCC was also pleaded not worry if MCC did not get coalition partners . According to him , the MCC has a long history and experience in performing the various government coalition .
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" We 've joined the central axis , we also had to carry the support of Islamic parties Pak Amien Rais of PAN . We also never alone even in the government , " he concluded .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

IPhone Tip: Cables To Create Easy iPhone not Broken

When switching to the iPhone 5 , there are several things that must be adjusted . Besides having to get used to the screen longer , we had to replace a new data cable , named Lightning . Still good , smaller than the old data cable and can be inverted , so no need to fear will damage the ports on the iPhone .

Unfortunately this new cable has a sufficient number of classical problems . First , because of the different cables used by similar products for about 9 years , then lightning is a new thing that requires a habit . No longer the same circuitry iPad or iPhone speaker connectors old .
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Second , and which will be discussed this time we have this cable is easily damaged right at the base of the 8 pin connector . Either because it can be inverted so mengakibatkannya often spun off its axis when we use repeatedly , especially when we use POWERBANK , or any other reason . Which certainly belonged to the editorial PULSE lightning cable has undergone change twice . Both the original .

Having traced to some sites , apparently this phenomenon of lightning damage to the cable occurs almost throughout the world . Right in the same position as we experienced 2 times over the last year .

This time the tips will lead us to be creative so that cables are not damaged lightning be preserved or broken wires hung back with style . Yuk !

A. Use Spring Pen

1 . You need a pen with a spring mechanism that is ready to " sacrifice " . Open to take pegasnya .

2 . Discover the end of the spring , spread a little .

3 . At a distance that has been created , insert the cable .

4 . Rotate until the wires are in the middle of the spring entirely .

5 . Scroll until spring to be swept.

6 . You can also add a bit of masking tape to keep the spring in place .

B. Use Solasi Plastic

1 . Wrap iPhone cable damaged or not damaged by plastic insulation is good.

2 . Coat repeatedly neatly . And try not easily separated .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fuad Bawazier: Duet HT Automatic Wiranto-Dismissed

Hanura the vote that just being in the range of 5 percent menyirnakan dream to carry the party's presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate himself . DPP Chairman Hanura Bawazier Fuad said a quick count by a number of institutions that make Hanura be realistic , and a duet Wiranto - Hary Tanoesoedibjo are failing .

" Win - HT has been ascertained over, automatically completed . Stay later if we could ask Mr Wiranto as a vice presidential candidate or not , " said Fuad , when contacted on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

According to Fuad , the sound Hanura that only 5 per cent , it is not logical if they still carry the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate . From the beginning , Fuad said he did not agree with that strategy .

" The initial target to reach 10 percent, so we have no bargaining power . , But now it is in a position protruding like this . From the beginning , I do not agree with the duo Win - HT because it did not make sense , " he said .

According to Fuad , head Hanura too elated when Hary Tanoe join his party , in the hope that the sound will be boosted Hanura high enough . But, in fact , the duo Win - HT would make the other parties do not glance Hanura as a coalition partner .

" We have not got an offer from one party any coalition . Perhaps because there are factors we have already proposed presidential -vice , so as already PD ​​once as if not need anything else . So , this has to be changed , " added the former Finance Minister .
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In a quick count results Compass Research & Development , Hanura is in 10th position with 5.1 percent a voice . Hanura just above the Crescent Star Party and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) . Hanura even defeated by a new party , the Party Nasdem , which gets 6.7 percent of the total vote .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twitter, 'Battlefields' 2014 election

Jakarta - At last , the 2014 elections stages slowly go through . Legislative elections have passed this on April 9 , and the results will determine the political configuration in the presidential election next few months . Meanwhile , virtual world , especially social media ( medsos ) Twitter , have been met by a variety of political propaganda . How can we remain mindful in this condition ?

Twitter Became First Choice

In stark contrast to the 2009 election , in which a team of successful political parties and presidential candidates still rely more on Facebook , in the 2014 elections , it is clear , that medsos Twitter becomes an option for them . Why does this happen ? Actually the answer is very simple , because Twitter is medsos easy to use, not hardware demanding , friendly gadgets , and ensure user privacy .

This privacy context is important, because in this era of digital campaigns , indeed most buzzer timses choose to be anonymous , in the sense of using timses account and not on behalf of a private . Seen clearly , much more assured anonymity on Twitter , because it is only a little information about the user account that is inputted by the user . (see also: pakan burung kacer)

This is of course very different from Facebook , where information is inputted to be more comprehensive , although in most cases this is optional . It is important for timses , because of course silent operation or blitzkrieg -style virtual world can only be guaranteed by medsos platform that supports full anonymity .

Here , they work like a ninja , which monitors counterparty unnoticed , and do the ' attack ' when his opponent off guard . Here , the parties do not understand the obvious optimization would be overwhelmed medsos than those who really understand it.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Artificial life in Yeast Piece

Through research for seven years , an international team of scientists has created a synthetic chromosome of yeast cells for the first time . This new breakthrough is a big jump from previous studies that successfully made the chain synthetic chromosomes for bacteria and viruses . Now the path of the " designer " of organisms more wide open . (see also: waptrick)

In their study , the researchers create molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA ) and combine them to construct artificial artificial yeast chromosomes . Yeast is complex eukaryotic organisms that have a nucleus in their cells. Plants , animals , and humans also classified as eukaryotic organisms have a nucleus in their cells.

The success of creating a yeast chromosome is a major step in the science of synthetic biology . " It is most proud of is we were able to change the set of natural chromosomes , and lay the whole chain from scratch , " says Jef Boeke head of research , synthetic biologists from the Langone Medical Center at New York University . Their results have been published in the journal Science , March 27, 2014 .

Since 4,000 years ago , humans have used yeast to make alcohol . Increasingly widespread use of yeast , including to make bread , beer and wine . In the modern era , the fungus was also used in the manufacture of vaccines , drugs and biofuels .

Boeke and his team put on a special computer program for designing chromosome III , labeled synIII , from yeast . The results were then combined with the design of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is commonly used to make beer and bread . Chromosomes that have been the smallest size of 16 yeast chromosomes . Chromosomes that regulate how cells divide and receiving genetic changes .

Boeke said they make chromosomes look normal . According to him , who had a yeast synthetic DNA on the chromosome has properties almost identical with natural yeast . With a technique known as " randomization " , the scientists can play through a series of yeast genes like stack of cards . They could create millions of new arrangement of pile " cards " that genetic .

As a result , the yeast may have diverse properties and functions . Researchers can create a synthetic yeast to produce rare drugs such as artemisinin which is used in the treatment of malaria . The hepatitis B vaccine can also be made to " outsmart " a series of yeast chromosomes . On a larger scale , synthetic yeast can be used to make biofuels more efficiently , such as alcohol , butanol , or biodiesel . " It makes people can make the transition from dependence on petroleum, " says Boeke .
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The success of building a eukaryotic chromosomes , organisms whose cells have a nucleus , gets an appreciation . " This is an outstanding example that synthetic biology can be used to rewrite the chromosomal sequence in large scale , " said Craig Venter of the J. Craig Venter Institute , which have created the first synthetic bacterium in 2010 . Paul Freemont from Imperial College London said the findings change the understanding of the genome and chromosome engineering . " This is evidence that the chromosomes can be redesigned, disintensis , and works in living cells , " he said .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bird Data, Penelopides exarhatus

Small ( 53 cm ) to the tribe Bucerotidae , black to tail . Males : face and throat yellow , female : black head and throat . (see also: obat burung)

Other information
Latin Name : Penelopides exarhatus
English Name : Sulawesi Hornbill
The name Indonesia : Sulawesi Hornbill
Altitude : 650-1100 m
Ekstralimital : -
Endemic : Sulawesi
Indonesian endemic : Yes
Regional Distribution : Sulawesi
IUCN Status : VU
Status Year : 2012
Type Protected : Yes
Birds Limited Distribution : Not

Description Shape : Horn ( casque ) typical white hornbill .
Sound Description : A series of rapid but short tone , disyllabic , or horn -like braying , also short -pitched voice " claak . "
Habits : Widespread in the range spreading and locally fairly common in the lowlands .
Spreading Global : Endemic Sulawesi subregions
Local deployment : Two subspecies ( P. e . Exarhatus ) : Lembeh Island , Sulawesi north to the middle of the boundary of Lake Lindu , and ( P. e . Sanfordi ) : Sulawesi Island ( except for the north and central Sulawesi ) , Muna , and Butung ( Buton ) . (see also: vitamin burung)
Habitat : lowland primary forests and hills , forest and swamp forest edge , rarely seen in secondary forest .
Pressure : Reduced population due to the loss of natural forests and hunting
Other Information : Although the global population has not been estimated , but locally this type are quite common .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Phylum Porifera - Characteristics, Examples and Porifera Reproduction Process

Sponge is derived from the Latin name , porous and fer . Mean pore porous , and has a sense of bringing fer . It is also porous sponge Often called the animal or the which is one of the multicellular animal phyla Simplest form Compared with other animal phyla .
(see also: pakan burung)

Phylum Porifera - Characteristics , Examples and Porifera Reproduction Process
Image credi : Wikipedia.Org
Sponge living heterotrophic manner. The food is bacteria and plankton . The food that Enters the body within the fluid to form sponges also Referred to as liquid eaters . Sponge habitat is usually in the ocean .

The characteristics of Porifera
Sponges are animals of the phylum Porifera the ( / pɒ ; rɪ ; fə ; rə ; / ; , the which means the carrier pores ) . Their bodies Consist of jelly - like arrangement mesohyl sandwiched between two cells thick notes . While all animals have unspecialized cells that can be turned into some special cells, sponges are unique moment has most some special cells that can be turned into other types , Often migrating to the main cell arrangement and mesohyl within the system . Sponges do not have nervous , digestive or circulatory systems . Conversely , some great entrusted maintain a constant flow of water passing through their bodies For Obtaining food and oxygen and to explain getting rid of waste , and the form of their bodies are adapted to maximize the efficiency of For water flow . All water sessile animals and , although there are freshwater species , the which are some of the great sea ( salt water ) species , starting from zone to a depth at low tide using increasingly more 8 . 800 mtr . ( 5 , 5 mi ) . While some large more or less 5 , 000-10 , 000 species are known to consume bacteria and other food particles in the water , some host photosynthesizing micro - organisms as endosymbionts and these alliances Often produce more food and oxygen than they consume . Some type of sponge that lives in a poor food environment has Become carnivores that prey especially on small crustaceans . Most of the wear species sexual reproduction , release the sperm cells to fertilize an ovum within a water pot for that in most species are released and others are being held by mother . The fertilized eggs form larvae swim roomates in the track area to settle Regardless .

As one Fileum animals , sponges also features its own characteristics . The traits used to membedakanya from other animal phyla in order to study it properly .

Morphological characteristics of Porifera
His body has pores ( ostia )
Sponge body asymmetry ( irregular ) , although some radial symmetry .
Shaped like a tube , vase , bowl , or plant
Its color varies
Not switching area ( sessile )
Anatomical characteristics of Porifera
Has three types of water channels items, namely askonoid , sikonoid , and leukonoid
By means of intracellular digestion in koanosit and amoebosit
Examples of the types and Porifera
Types of Porifera . Already we recognize that spicules composed of calcium and silicate . With the basic constituent substance of sponge types can be classified . Here is a 3 - class or type and Examples of Porifera .

a) Class Calcarea , Porifera this first group have spicules made ​​of calcium . Usually live in the sea water is not deep or shallow . For example , Scypha gelatinous , and also Leucosolenia Grantia .

b ) Class Hexactinellida , this second group have spicules made ​​of grit or silicate substance . Her life at sea within , for example Pheronema sp . , Euplectella and also Regadrella sp .
(see also: pakan burung pleci)

c ) Class Demospongiae , this third class have spicules made ​​of grit and substance of protein ( spongin ) or just spongin alone . Her body was soft and did not have a skeleton . Habitat is in shallow sea , has a number of parts very much , for example Euspongia officinalis ( sponge bath ) , Spongilla , Haliclona , Microciona and also Corticium .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Second Largest in the World, Ragunan Want to like Singapore or Washington?

JAKARTA - Appointed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Parks Margasatawa Ragunan , Hashim Djoyohadikusumo , plans to hold a public meeting , from the ranks of parliament , NGOs , to the communities . The goal is to be able to beautify Ragunan .

( see also: lomba burung )

" Our discussion , the public wants what the Ragunan Jakarta ? We want to make international class like in Singapore ? In San Diego ? Like in Washington ? Keep us open public input , " Hashim said after meeting with Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo at City Hall , Jakarta , Thursday ( 08/22/2013 ) .

This is because he expressed Ragunan Zoo has the largest area in the world's second largest while the first in Canada . "Hence , Ragunan potential is incredible, " said Hashim .

Related to short-term targets , Hashim said it will fix Ragunan facilities are still lacking . However , Hashim asserts that the admission price is only Rp 4,000 Ragunan . Because of the cheap ticket prices , Hashim still considering the possibility of raising it .

"The price of tickets for Rp 4 thousand since 2003 , has been almost 10 years . Inflation We already know how many , how many times the fuel price hike , but the ticket prices remain the same , " he explained .

Hashim also pledged to improve employee welfare . " Yes , we want to see his vision to where ? Vision if it wanted so (preferably red) , we have to adjust , there must be a budget . Budget we have a strict watch , lest any corruption , that no leakage of - the leakage . I was placed in there for supervision , " he said .

On October 3, 2013 , said Hashim , Governor Jokowi Ragunan planned to open a new one . Therefore , it continues to seek the best solution for the discussion Ragunan .

" Cage - less cage enough . For apes , monkeys , and gorillas is good , but still lacking , still have no extras . Amount animals are lacking as well , " he concluded .

( see also: lomba burung piala presiden )

Related fare tickets , previously Governor Jokowi has the option to increase them or stick with the price of Rp 4 thousand by adding subsidies for its management . The recreation function if you want a cheap yes Rp 4 thousand , but in Cisarua only Rp140 thousand , if I am not mistaken in Surabaya Rp20 thousand , Bandung Rp20 thousand , cook in Jakarta Rp 4 thousand , " said Jokowi .