Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Second Largest in the World, Ragunan Want to like Singapore or Washington?

JAKARTA - Appointed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Parks Margasatawa Ragunan , Hashim Djoyohadikusumo , plans to hold a public meeting , from the ranks of parliament , NGOs , to the communities . The goal is to be able to beautify Ragunan .

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" Our discussion , the public wants what the Ragunan Jakarta ? We want to make international class like in Singapore ? In San Diego ? Like in Washington ? Keep us open public input , " Hashim said after meeting with Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo at City Hall , Jakarta , Thursday ( 08/22/2013 ) .

This is because he expressed Ragunan Zoo has the largest area in the world's second largest while the first in Canada . "Hence , Ragunan potential is incredible, " said Hashim .

Related to short-term targets , Hashim said it will fix Ragunan facilities are still lacking . However , Hashim asserts that the admission price is only Rp 4,000 Ragunan . Because of the cheap ticket prices , Hashim still considering the possibility of raising it .

"The price of tickets for Rp 4 thousand since 2003 , has been almost 10 years . Inflation We already know how many , how many times the fuel price hike , but the ticket prices remain the same , " he explained .

Hashim also pledged to improve employee welfare . " Yes , we want to see his vision to where ? Vision if it wanted so (preferably red) , we have to adjust , there must be a budget . Budget we have a strict watch , lest any corruption , that no leakage of - the leakage . I was placed in there for supervision , " he said .

On October 3, 2013 , said Hashim , Governor Jokowi Ragunan planned to open a new one . Therefore , it continues to seek the best solution for the discussion Ragunan .

" Cage - less cage enough . For apes , monkeys , and gorillas is good , but still lacking , still have no extras . Amount animals are lacking as well , " he concluded .

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Related fare tickets , previously Governor Jokowi has the option to increase them or stick with the price of Rp 4 thousand by adding subsidies for its management . The recreation function if you want a cheap yes Rp 4 thousand , but in Cisarua only Rp140 thousand , if I am not mistaken in Surabaya Rp20 thousand , Bandung Rp20 thousand , cook in Jakarta Rp 4 thousand , " said Jokowi .