Saturday, April 12, 2014

IPhone Tip: Cables To Create Easy iPhone not Broken

When switching to the iPhone 5 , there are several things that must be adjusted . Besides having to get used to the screen longer , we had to replace a new data cable , named Lightning . Still good , smaller than the old data cable and can be inverted , so no need to fear will damage the ports on the iPhone .

Unfortunately this new cable has a sufficient number of classical problems . First , because of the different cables used by similar products for about 9 years , then lightning is a new thing that requires a habit . No longer the same circuitry iPad or iPhone speaker connectors old .
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Second , and which will be discussed this time we have this cable is easily damaged right at the base of the 8 pin connector . Either because it can be inverted so mengakibatkannya often spun off its axis when we use repeatedly , especially when we use POWERBANK , or any other reason . Which certainly belonged to the editorial PULSE lightning cable has undergone change twice . Both the original .

Having traced to some sites , apparently this phenomenon of lightning damage to the cable occurs almost throughout the world . Right in the same position as we experienced 2 times over the last year .

This time the tips will lead us to be creative so that cables are not damaged lightning be preserved or broken wires hung back with style . Yuk !

A. Use Spring Pen

1 . You need a pen with a spring mechanism that is ready to " sacrifice " . Open to take pegasnya .

2 . Discover the end of the spring , spread a little .

3 . At a distance that has been created , insert the cable .

4 . Rotate until the wires are in the middle of the spring entirely .

5 . Scroll until spring to be swept.

6 . You can also add a bit of masking tape to keep the spring in place .

B. Use Solasi Plastic

1 . Wrap iPhone cable damaged or not damaged by plastic insulation is good.

2 . Coat repeatedly neatly . And try not easily separated .



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