Wednesday, April 16, 2014

7 Hours Sailing, KPU Monitor in recapitulation RI-Australia's Border

General Elections Commission ( KPU), the Aru Islands , Maluku directly monitor the process of recapitulation in a number of villages directly adjacent to Australia .

" To monitor the process of recapitulation in the villages immediately adjacent to the Country of Australia we have to travel the seas around 7 hours by speedboat , " said Commissioner Commission Aru , Joseph Yosudarso Labok when contacted from Ambon , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

He said , monitoring is done in a number of villages , such as in the village of Warabal , Meror Village , East District of South Aru , and the village of Loose , District of South Aru .

Recapitulation in the two districts is running safely and smoothly .
" Although the state is directly adjacent to the outside , but the process of recapitulation in three PPS in the two districts that suit our observation went very smoothly , " said Joseph .

Joseph explains , he has conducted monitoring since two days ago , and the results are all PPS in Aru district has completed roll recapitulation . Planned today recapitulation at the district level has started to operate .
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"Today recapitulation in the CO levels have been held in a number of districts in the Aru Islands , " he said .


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