Friday, April 18, 2014

Burundi expel UN envoy protest action

United Nations expressed " regret " over Burundi 's decision Thursday to expel senior UN official out of the country damning report accusing the weapons are distributed ahead of the election .

Internal report leaked UN has raised fears of a return to civil war and the government ( Burundi ) has warned about the risks , said Stephane Dujarric , spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki -moon .

" Many times over the last two weeks we have raised the issue of information arming youth groups to the Burundi government , " said Dujarric told AFP .

" Given the seriousness of the allegations that we share information with the Security Council , and we ask the government to investigate the allegations , " said Dujarric .

He said the international body would formally protest against the expulsion of diplomats , Debbie Paul , head of security at the UN office in Burundi .

" We want to see the government to investigate them ( the charges ) and we deplore the government's decision to declare persona non gratakan Debbie , " the spokesman said .

Burundian Foreign Minister Laurent Kavakure said Debbie has been ordered to leave the country on Friday.
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It was in connection with the leaking of the report , which was quoted by local media , containing " allegations of weapons distribution to the members of the youth league of the ruling party , " said Kavakure told AFP , which says it has damage " the image of Burundi " and a " false rumors . "


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