Friday, May 23, 2014

Yammer, U.S. Fighter Jet Video Giant Alien Claims Destroy

A video uploaded on YouTube , crowded public discussed . The video menunjukkaan fighter jets the United States ( U.S. ) that is claimed to destroy a giant alien object in a desert in New Mexico .

In the video it looked , the U.S. military fighter jets streaked into the sky region of Durango , New Mexico , USA . In the video, there are also two U.S.

soldiers who witnessed the scene . U.S. fighter jet that flew high and then drop bombs on the mysterious object .
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A moment later , plumes of smoke soared and who claimed the giant alien object had disappeared . Uploaded a new video on YouTube that has been watched 3,000 times .

The video uploader also provide a written statement . " In May 2014 , a gigantic creature ' alien ' is found in the desert of New Mexico ( Durango area ) , " reads the video description , as quoted by the Mirror on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

" The U.S. Army sent ( aircraft ) Air Force to eliminate the threat. This is the only information we get from our contacts , "said the statement in the video .


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