Monday, May 19, 2014

Pertamina Mahakam Block Bill to the Ministry of EMR

PT Pertamina annoyed with the attitude uncertainty Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) related contracts will run out on the block 2017 . In fact , Pertamina has sent a letter related to readiness to manage 100 percent of the Mahakam block left after Total EP Indonesie .

Oil and Gas Pertamina upstream director Muhammad Husayn said it has sent a letter to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the third time that the Mahakam block given to Pertamina . " We reiterated readiness to manage the Mahakam block 100 percent , and for the third time . Two or three months ago , we gave the third letter , " said Hussein , last weekend .
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According to Hussein , when the third letter that has not responded , the Pertamina will re- submit the fourth letter . He claimed , it was well prepared to manage the Mahakam block viewing experience Pertamina to take over West Madura Offshore Block ( WMO ) and the Offshore nothwest Java ( ONWJ ) from the hands of foreign contractors .

" Can not help it , our only capital letters , has also met directly back and forth . If you want proof , we were in Block Block ONWJ WMO and the term we 've been wet - proof basahan and can increase production , " he claims .

Husen said Pertamina reason not persistent MEMR give Mahakam block to Pertamina because the blocks that are rich in natural gas that has previously been extended by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources . So , no need to extend the second time the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to Total E & P Indonesia .

" Mahakam block that has been held for 50 years by Total E & P , so we wants 100 percent later . Now , all countries rely on the energy needs of SOEs , the potential of the Mahakam block was good . If baseball great , why contested , " he said .

Upstream Business Development Director , Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Hendra Fadly said , there have been a team that handles readiness who will be the manager of the Mahakam block later . " Everything is being processed , for readiness Pertamina 100 percent , we will ask back to them , " he said to KONTAN , Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) .

According to Hendra , it is still evaluating the readiness of Pertamina of technical and financial questions . " What is clear , yet to be announced prospective managers Mahakam block , " he said .


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