Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ukraine Will Not Stop Capture Pro Russian Militia

Dozens of people have been killed in armed conflicts and other shot dead as tensions between supporters and anti- Russian broke in Odessa , Ukraine , on Friday ( 2/5 ) . The clash increasingly heightened tension in the eastern regions of Ukraine were smoldering .

Quoted by Reuters on Saturday ( 3/5 ) , pro- Russian separatists opened fire to two military helicopters crashed Ukraine , which seeks to repel a strong occupation by the rebels in the city of Slaviansk .
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As a result , the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said two helicopter crew killed in the incident . The death toll also override the other fell two civilians and two security guards . Not to be outdone , the separatist group even called three of its members were also killed in the incident Friday afternoon .

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov explained , seizure operation attempt back east region of Ukraine was still going on until Saturday . One of the steps taken by the Ukrainian forces , taking over the television tower in Kramatorsk City , south Slaviansk .

'' We're not going to stop ( doing operations annexation of Ukraine ) , '' said Avakov written in his Facebook account .

Police said three people were shot dead and dozens more injured in clashes that should occur in the port city .
Police also said one other person was killed and finally followed by the death of the other 37 people who grow , when clashes between the supporters of the Ukrainian and Russian activists were rolling into the night .

The local police chief , said Petro Lutsiuk on Saturday , as a result of the incident , at least more than 130 people have been arrested . Lutsiuk mention , these prisoners would be faced with penalty points for involvement in clashes and their actions are capable of killing a human life .


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