Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wow, Sido Dividend Appears to Reach U.S. $ 405 Billion

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Industries PT Sido Appears Tbk ( SIDO ) will distribute dividends to shareholders amounting to Rp 405 billion . This amount represents 99.5 percent of the company's net profit during 2013. " Dividends distributed Rp 27 per share , " said Director of SIDO Irwan Hidayat , after a general meeting of shareholders ( AGM ) in Jakarta , last weekend .

Sizeable dividend distribution of the average is not considered to have an impact on the company's expansion . Because , Sido Appears to have strong cash , which reached Rp 1.4 trillion .
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Thus, although nearly all profits distributed to shareholders , the company's expansion will not be disturbed .

Company Secretary Tiur Simamora say , not possible dividend next year will be done by this year . Because, he explained, the company will expand , so the chances of the next year the company does not distribute dividends the same as this year .

Throughout 2013, the net profit of Rp 405.9 Sido Appears billion or an increase of 4.74 percent compared to 2012 ( yoy ) . Sales during 2013 reached Rp 2.37 trillion .

In the first quarter 2014 , Sido Appears booked sales of Rp 520.02 billion . The company's sales fell 7.73 percent compared to the same period last year of Rp 563.64 billion . This revenue reflects 20 percent of the company's target throughout 2014 , namely Rp 2.8 trillion . n friska yolandha ed : zaky al glottal


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