Saturday, April 26, 2014

Education Minister Challenged story Work Problem UN
Education Minister Mohammad Nuh revealed himself challenged high school students to work on the problems of the National Examination ( UN ) Mathematics . SMA Khadijah Surabaya Nurmillaty Abadiah the judge about mathematics too difficult , so he asked Mendikdbud to deal with the matter .

Through Facebook , Nurmillaty also said that forcing some difficulty about his being dishonest to cheat the leaked UN response through SMS suspected the truth up to 90 percent .
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M Noah then said , " Exams are like people who jump pole , of course not everyone can , if possible means perfect or the value is 100 , but can not be sure if it is also realistic . "

" That's the challenge in the test , because the difficulty will make the effort. If no challenges , life becomes better , " said Education Minister .

He explained to the UN that it is actually quite difficult to just 20 percent . " That is, if the child has a moderate ability , then he still might get the value 80 , because it's the most important thing is honesty in the UN itself, " he said .

According to M Noah , difficult or not an item that should not be a complaint , because it was legal matter and if there is indeed made ​​according to the lattice . " The important thing to understand is that the value 100 or the success it is not a necessity . Indeed , honesty will be tested in the condition it was trapped ( pinched ) , " he said .

Education Minister said , honesty is not trapped in it's natural state , but honesty it would be nice if in a destitute condition still capable of being honest . " If he is not honest in destitute condition , then he has not been tested , let alone him from SMA Khadijah ( religious school ) , " he said .

SMS leak associated with the UN response rate of up to 90 percent of the truth , former Rector of ITS that could perform a surprise inspection ( inspection ) to print to the UN PT Jasindo , Juanda , Surabaya was declared , he not only find answers to the UN , but also find a script UN about the alleged leak . But it turns out the script and answer questions about it fake .

" As it turned out , everything is not proven , including some who say there are locations such as the mass leakage in Jember , Surabaya , Medan , I 've lowered the team , even people who have been refused the UN would ask the location of the suspected leak was held re- examination . "
" I wonder , those who reject the UN why it asked the UN replay , if followed it would be political , " said M Noah .


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