Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twitter, 'Battlefields' 2014 election

Jakarta - At last , the 2014 elections stages slowly go through . Legislative elections have passed this on April 9 , and the results will determine the political configuration in the presidential election next few months . Meanwhile , virtual world , especially social media ( medsos ) Twitter , have been met by a variety of political propaganda . How can we remain mindful in this condition ?

Twitter Became First Choice

In stark contrast to the 2009 election , in which a team of successful political parties and presidential candidates still rely more on Facebook , in the 2014 elections , it is clear , that medsos Twitter becomes an option for them . Why does this happen ? Actually the answer is very simple , because Twitter is medsos easy to use, not hardware demanding , friendly gadgets , and ensure user privacy .

This privacy context is important, because in this era of digital campaigns , indeed most buzzer timses choose to be anonymous , in the sense of using timses account and not on behalf of a private . Seen clearly , much more assured anonymity on Twitter , because it is only a little information about the user account that is inputted by the user . (see also: pakan burung kacer)

This is of course very different from Facebook , where information is inputted to be more comprehensive , although in most cases this is optional . It is important for timses , because of course silent operation or blitzkrieg -style virtual world can only be guaranteed by medsos platform that supports full anonymity .

Here , they work like a ninja , which monitors counterparty unnoticed , and do the ' attack ' when his opponent off guard . Here , the parties do not understand the obvious optimization would be overwhelmed medsos than those who really understand it.


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