Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MERS Plague , Umrah Pilgrims Mandatory Wear Masks !

The government appealed to the pilgrims from Indonesia maintain healthy when traveling to major cities for pilgrimage following the outbreak of the virus "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona ( MERS ) in several Arab countries .

" Keep health and stamina during a pilgrimage , " said Deputy Coordinating Minister for the Coordination of Health , Population and Planning keluara Emil Agustiono in the office of Ministry , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .
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The reason , said Emil , endurance declining susceptible virus . " If need be obliged to wear a mask and do not be so tired that body condition is not decreasing , " he said .

He also explained that people who travel to the Middle East to be aware of some of the increases in body temperature . " Immediate health check , " he said .

Emil explained, it had received a report about a citizen who allegedly contracted the virus MERS - CoV . If the true citizen - CoV positive for MERS , said Emil , the Indonesian government will follow up on it .

"With this case of course the Indonesian government will raise awareness and make efforts so that similar cases do not recur , " he said .

Emil also said the government will socialize the MERS - CoV to all people especially who will be traveling to the Middle East . "We provide socialization , education and enlightenment for those who are going to the Middle East , or those who will perform pilgrimage , " he said .

For those who fall ill while returning from the Middle East , said Emil , will do a thorough examination .


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