Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inauguration by the Minister of Cooperative Market Kendari Coloured clash

The inauguration of the central market town of Kendari , Southeast Sulawesi by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Sharif Hasan , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) colored clash .

The incident began when hundreds of students and the central market traders Kendari , calling itself the Youth and Student Movement for the People ( Attack ) involved pushing the Municipal Police Kendari .

The clashes occurred as demonstrators tried to break through a security barricade by driving a car that is used for speeches . Not only that , protesters and throwing apparatus to cause hurt both groups .
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Luckily, the police can beat back Kendari traders using water cannons . As a result of the clashes, a number of merchants and officials were injured , even a trader fainted . Some of the protesters were involved in securing police secured the inauguration of the Central Market locations Kendari .

" We push each other , but when I fell , the police arrested me , but I refused , until finally I got hurt , " said one trader .

Meanwhile , Tito one of the students who participated in the action in the injured part of the ear .

The protesting traders refused inauguration Central Market Kendari , Kendari considered as the Government was reluctant to accommodate the traders to get lods in the market .

The traders demanded that the mayor of Kendari Ir Asrun delay the inauguration of the Central Market before giving lods free to merchants who are victims of fires last year's market .

Markets head of Kendari , Abdul Rahim said traders who conduct demonstrations have been given waivers , but they ask for free .

" We have given relief . We only charge Rp 5 million to Rp 37 million of the price , but the merchant asked for free , though certainly not the traders in the market are the victims here , "said Rahim .

Inauguration Central Market Kendari performed Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs Menkop ) Sharif Hasan , accompanied Southeast Sulawesi Governor Nur Alam and Kendari Mayor Asrun Ir .

Three-story market stands on 1.2 acres of land and can accommodate about 2,000 traders . Development of the market reached USD 120 billion over budgeted for 3 years from the budget of Kendari .


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