Thursday, May 1, 2014

Aceng Fikri Reported Fraud Cases

 Head of Criminal Police Garut , West Java , AKP Garnadi Dada , said HM Fikri , a former regent of Garut , was reported by a businessman on charges of fraud and embezzlement of goods and services efforts .

" Reporting admitted as one of the victims who feel aggrieved . Motive still we go into, " said Dada told reporters on Thursday .
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He said the case was reported by a businessman named Roni HM Fikri reported . Rapporteur , said Dada, said ACENG commit fraud and embezzlement in 2011 until 2012 when he was regent of Garut to a loss of USD 2.2 billion .

" Based on the sum of the reporting , the results of the loss to Rp 2.2 billion , " said Dada .

He said it had to call the ACENG to request information related to the report on Friday ( 25 April 2014 ) .

However ACENG , Dada continued , does not meet the call because he was sick . The plan calls will be returned by that time could not be determined .

" If the third time ACENG not come , then it will be picked up to his house , " said Dada .

Although it has not received information from HM Fikri , police have memintai eight witnesses including government officials active in Garut .

" The results have not led to the use of funds for the campaign . Money was used for activities in goods and services , " he said .

Meanwhile , HM Fikri was dismissed from his post as regent of Garut in 2013 because siri briefly married .

Furthermore ACENG run for the Regional Representative Council ( DPD ) in the 2014 election and won the top three voices so as to qualify to be members of the DPD messenger West Java .


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